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How to be a smart student shopper…

August 29, 2009

macys_couch_450So remember when i wrote this?  Even though we’ve already found a house, i’m honestly still getting frustrated by certain housing issues and i haven’t even fully moved in yet!!!!!!

Perhaps, it’s the difference in mentality and living-style that my future housemate experienced while doing her undergrad at Big City University versus mine at Undergrad U, which is located in a small town, that’s the cause of all this unspoken tension.

I would like to think of myself as a simple person when it comes to living arrangements.  As long as it’s cheap, convenient, not located in some sketchy neighbourhood and is free of mutant centipedes, i’m good to go.   I also certainly don’t expect the interior of my home to look almost like a page out of The Pottery Barn catalogue.  Honestly, a couch is a couch.  I don’t plan on sitting on that thing 24/7.  As long as there are no unusual stains left behind by the previous owner and my ass doesn’t touch the ground when i sit down, i’ll take it.  After all, i’m just a student living off of a lowly-graduate stipend.

So here are a few tips on furniture shopping for students:

1) Old and/or used furniture doesn’t mean it’s crap furniture.  Most re-sold furniture are still in good condition.

2) Just because people sell their couches for dirt cheap (i.e. $50), doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with it.  When people graduate, they want to get rid of their furniture as quickly as possible, rather than having to find a way to get it to the dumpster or risk getting fined by leaving it on the street.  So sometimes that means lowering the price drastically or even giving it away for free.

Someone needs to inform my future housemate about this… and no, it’s not going to be me.  At least not for the time being.


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  1. August 30, 2009 12:40 PM

    You should point her in the direction of this blog and pretend it’s not yours. 😀

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